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Say Goodbye to
Expensive Energy Bills.

Reduce Peak Demand Charges by up to 20%.

Save Costs. Earn Incentives. Boost Profits.


Zero Upfront Costs


Intelligent and Automated HVAC Energy Management


Immediate Savings

Frustrated with high energy bills every month?

Peak Demand charges account for 30-70% of your monthly electricity bills

Existing Solutions

  • Complicated solutions
  • High upfront cost
  • Long payback time
  • Complex installation
  • High maintenance cost
  • No guarantee on savings
  • Might impact member comfort
  • No Support on Demand Response Participation

Polar Bear

  • Simple solution
  • Zero Upfront cost
  • Short payback time
  • Installation in few hours
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Guaranteed savings
  • Exceptional thermal comfort
  • Automated Demand Response Participation

What Polar Bear Can Help You Achieve?

Effortlessly achieve energy savings with Polar Bear - a plug-and-play energy management solution.


Minimize Energy Consumption and Peak Demand

Reduces peak demand of your HVAC by 20%, resulting in lower energy bills


Unlock New Revenue with Demand Response

Generate revenue with demand response incentives by turning your HVAC equipment into a demand responsive system


Uncompromised Customer Comfort

Designed to optimize energy consumption without sacrificing your customer comfort


Save Money while Reducing Carbon Footprint

Enables your business to become more environmentally sustainable while also saving money on energy bills

Three Steps to Unlock Your Savings

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Calculate Savings Potential

Get started with Polar Bear today by using our Virtual Audit tool to calculate your potential savings. In just a few clicks, you can analyze your energy usage, identify potential savings, and see how much you can earn by reducing your energy consumption during peak hours. Unlock the power of Polar Bear and start saving now.

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Install the Solution

Our team will handle the entire installation process of our plug-and-play solution, which includes a simple gateway and IoT sensors. With these tools, we can monitor your energy usage in real-time and ensure everything is running smoothly. Don't worry about shutting down your business during the installation process - it takes less than two hours, and our team will handle everything.

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Unlock Savings

Polar Bear's platform offers immediate benefits once installed, including participation in demand response programs that provide financial incentives to businesses for reducing energy consumption during high-demand periods. This results in a more sustainable future for your business and eliminates costly peak demand charges.

What’s included with the Polar Bear solution?


Plug and Play Hardware

This is our plug-and-play hardware component that is easy to install and starts working immediately. It connects to your HVAC system and uses IoT sensors to monitor your energy usage in real-time.


Intelligent PeakSaver Technology

Our advanced cloud-based software intelligently analyzes your energy usage and optimizes your HVAC system. It ensures that your building's peak load is reduced without compromising on customer comfort.


Savings and Earnings Tracker

Our simple dashboard shows you how much you're saving on energy costs by reducing peak load and participating in demand response programs. You can track your energy tariff and identify opportunities for further cost reduction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Zero Upfront Costs

No, the installation of Polar Bear is quick and easy, taking less than two hours. Our team of experts will work efficiently to minimize any disruptions to your gym's operations.

How long will it take to install and set up the solution?

It takes less than two hours to install and set up the solution, and our team of experts will handle the entire process for you.

Will the solution compromise customer comfort?

No, the Polar Bear solution is designed to optimize your HVAC system during peak hours while ensuring optimal comfort for your customers. Our smart software analyzes your energy usage and reduces your building's peak load without compromising customer comfort.

What kind of savings can I expect to see on my energy bills?

On average, our clients see a 20% reduction in energy usage during peak hours.

How do I know if the solution is working effectively?

Our solution includes a dashboard that provides real-time visibility of your gym's energy usage and savings. You can monitor your progress and identify further opportunities for cost reduction. Our team also provides ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the solution is working effectively.

Will my gym need to make any other changes or upgrades to accommodate the solution?

No, the Polar Bear solution is designed to be plug-and-play, and no additional changes or upgrades are necessary. Our team will handle the entire installation and setup process for you.